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Filling In A Crevice In Your Wooden Garage Door Panel

If you had a mishap occur where you had bumped one of the wooden panels in your garage door with another item, causing an indented portion to appear as a result, you will most likely want to make necessary repairs to improve your door's appearance. An indentation can be patched so it is not noticed by those viewing your door. Here are some steps you can follow when making a garage door panel repair on your own.

Clean The Indent To Remove Debris

The spot where the wood panel had been struck may have debris present within the indent. This will need to be removed so you can fill the crevice in without having any obstructions causing the filler to adhere improperly. Use a piece of microfiber cloth dipped in water to remove any debris from this spot. If dirt is still present, scrub the wood with a mild detergent using a piece of microfiber material. Allow the dented part of your wooden panel to dry before you attempt to fill it in.

Use Wood Filler To Patch The Indent

Wood filler can be purchased from a local hardware store to effectively repair your garage door panel. This material is soft and can be pushed into the crevice using your fingertips. Roll the material in between your hands for a few minutes before pushing it into the indented area. Make sure to spread the material over the edges of the crevice so it is completely contained. If there are cracks present within the indent, the filler can be pushed inside using the edge of a putty knife. Cracks that go clear through to the other side of the wood panel would necessitate a call to a garage door repair specialist as there is a chance of the crack becoming larger as the door is opened and closed.

Sand The Dried Filler And Revitalize The Paint

After the filling agent has hardened, it may have a few spots where jagged portions are noticeable. A sander can be used to remove any bumps from the filler. Start with a piece of medium-grit sandpaper to remove larger pieces. Afterward, switch to a finer grit to smooth the filler so it is even with the remainder of the wood panel. The garage door can then be repainted to hide the filler from view. Make sure to add a few coats of paint to mask the fixed area completely.

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