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Garage Doors And Child Safety

Garage doors can be a hazard for small children. But there are ways to avoid having an accident. Here are some important tips to follow with garage door installation and repair when you have a small child.

Choose the Right Garage Door Opener

The first thing to look at is the garage door opener. You want to avoid having moving mechanical parts as much as possible. The direct drive garage door opener is an example of an opener that uses a motor rather than a system of pulleys. That creates fewer parts that could cause harm to your child.

General Repair

Any issues with your garage door repair that could affect its overall functioning should be looked at as soon as you can, rather than once the garage door stops working altogether. A problem with a bent track could make the garage door behave erratically, such as jumping the tracks over a bump, which is a behavior that your child may not be prepared for.

Keeping the Photo Eye Clean

The photo eye helps the garage door detect when someone is in the way of the door. If an obstruction is detected, the garage door should come back up. Keep the photo eyes clean so that they can accurately detect when a child is in the way. And make sure that the close limits on your garage door are set correctly too.

Putting Moving Parts Out of Reach

Depending on how your garage door system is built, it may have many moving parts that are controlled electronically. You could try to keep these away from your children by putting them out of reach. For example, you could install a plywood panel or even put shelving over the area where the garage door opener sits, so that it is less in the way of your children.

Making Sure the Garage Door Is Fastened

The garage door is held in place by several fasteners that can lose tension over time. If one of them snaps, it's a hazard to everyone, and not just children. So, make sure that you occasionally check to refasten and tensioners that have lost their tension.

Setting Ground Rules for Children

Finally, children need to have some ground rules in place about safely living with garage doors,. For one, make sure your children know to never touch parts of the garage door that are in motion. Let them know that they should never stand under the garage door. Don't allow children to play with garage door remotes.