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Should You Install A Garage Door Yourself?

If you are trying to get an affordable deal on a garage door, you might be tempted to do it yourself. In most cases, this is a bad idea. Here's why:

Garage Door Installation Is a Tricky Business

If you want to get the most out of your garage, it is not a good idea to install it yourself. The alignment and installation of a garage door is trickier than you would think. A residential garage door installation specialist has tools for leveling and aligning the tracks, ensuring proper tension in the fasteners, and correctly lubricating the rollers. Supporting the heavy garage door as it is installed is also a tricky business; you wouldn't want the door to fall and break or potentially hurt someone as you attempt to fasten it into the tracks. So, unless you feel very confident about garage door installation, it is probably not worth the hassle. 

Safety Is at Stake

An improperly hung garage door could fall and damage your vehicle or hurt someone. Residential garage door installation is worth the money to ensure your safety. 

So, if you can't cut corners on installation, where can you look to get a better deal on your garage door?

Compare Prices

You can always look at a few different installation specialists to see who offers the best deal. Although you don't want to go on price alone, you can find the model you want and see who offers the best prices for installation (while still having great reviews). 

Choose Affordable Materials

This may not be the time to go for a composite glass and wood door. Things like steel or aluminum are more moderate in cost while offering a lot of weather protection. As far as storm proofing goes, you might want to look at some of the more moderately priced options, such as fabric storm door covers. 

Choose an Affordable Opener

While direct drive openers offer higher tech, you can get by just fine with a more affordable garage door opener as well. Things like the belt drive garage door opener are popular options that balance cost with other factors, such as speed and noise levels. 


Choose regular maintenance packages for your garage door. This helps to ensure that your major garage door installation costs are a one time thing, or at least that they don't recur again in the near future. So, there are many ways to get a reasonable price besides installing it yourself.