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Considering Insulating Your Garage Door? 3 Benefits Of Doing So

If you have a garage door that you are considering insulating, you may want to do this. This is especially true if you live in area that has long, cold winters. To help you decide, below are three benefits of insulating the door so you can make your decision.

Keep Entire Garage Warm

You may have insulation in your garage, such as insulating walls, ceiling, and entry doors, but if there is no insulation in the garage door, cold air will seep through it no matter how well it is sealed. Once this happens, the temperature in your garage will drop drastically. This is especially true if you have a windy day.

You can use space heaters also if you prefer, and make sure the windows are well sealed. All of this along with the garage door insulation you allow you to stay cozy and warm all winter while in your garage.

Makes Garage Door More Durable

Garage doors are durable already and adding insulation will make your garage door even more durable. This is because the insulation is placed around the door panels, which provides the panels to have more stiffness. This will help the door last longer. For example, impacts from opening and closing the garage door constantly will not affect the door.

If your garage door is older this will be even more beneficial. This is because it will allow the door to last longer for you.

Save Money on Energy Bills

If your garage door is attached to your home there is likely a door in the garage that leads to your home. This means cold air from the garage gets into your home when people walk in and out of the interior door. This will also cause the HVAC unit to run more than it normally would. Because of this, your energy bills will be higher. You may also have problems with the HVAC unit more often if it runs more.

You should also keep an eye on what the temperature is inside the garage, as you want the temperature to be the same temperature as inside your home or close to it. To do this, you can install a thermostat inside the garage.

Contact a garage door contractor if you have questions about this. They can also tell you of other benefits insulating the garage door can offer. The garage door contractor may suggest a new door, however, if your current garage door is very old. If so, make sure it is insulated before it is installed. To learn more, contact a company like Raynor Door Company