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Signs There's a Problem With Your Garage Door's Tracks

If you have been having problems with your garage door, you may wonder what could be causing the issue. If so, look for the following signs that there is a problem with your garage door's tracks that is impeding your garage door's ability to work properly.

Door Sticks in the Same Spot

When you open or close your garage door, you may have noticed that it sticks in the exact same spot every time. It either pauses for a few seconds or stops completely, requiring you to manually push or pull the door to get it over that particular area. If this is the case, there are two possible causes to this problem. First, the rollers on the door may be popping out of the tracks when they reach that area. This issue could be caused by a bend or warp in the tracks that are momentarily knocking the rollers out of place. Second, the tracks themselves may have been knocked out of alignment. Especially if your garage door is older, the screws holding the tracks in place may have become dislodged, causing the tracks to shift. 

Loud Noises Heard While Door Is in Motion

Another sign that there is an issue with the door's tracks is the presence of loud noises whenever the door is in motion. You may hear loud grinding or screeching sounds as you try to open or close the door. If you are hearing these noises, the rollers may be scraping up against the sides of the tracks. This could be the result of bends, warps, or a misalignment in the tracks.

Door Bows and Pops While Opening or Closing

Along with stalling and hearing loud noises, you may also notice that the garage door itself tends to bow when it reaches a certain area along the tracks. As the door makes it way past this area, it then straightens back up, making a popping sound.

If your tracks are severely out of alignment, the pressure caused by the rollers trying to push their way through the smaller opening can bend the door temporarily. Once the pressure is released, the garage door returns to its normal shape. However, if this happens too often, the door may permanently bend or crack, requiring it to be replaced.

If your garage door is exhibiting any of the above signs, there is probably an issue with the tracks that requires professional assistance. Contact a residential garage door repair service like Guaranteed Door Service to schedule an appointment today.