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4 Problems Your Garage Door May Face This Winter

Now that the cold weather is officially here, you need your automatic garage door more than ever. Unfortunately, if it stops working, you're going to be stuck out in the cold. Your car will be stuck out there too. If your garage door stops working this winter, there are a few places you'll want to check. Problems with these aspects of your garage door are quite common during the cold winter months. Here are four problems you might face with your garage door this winter.

Remote Control

If your garage door stops working this winter, the first place you want to look is the remote control. There are a few things that can go wrong with your remote control once the temperatures start to drop. First, the batteries may have died. Cold weather can wreak havoc on batteries, especially those that aren't designed for cold weather use. Next, moisture could have built up inside the battery compartment. This is particularly true if the weather has been wet lately. Finally, your remote control might not be adjusted for freezing temperatures.

Springs and Cables

If you haven't had the springs and cables on your garage door inspected lately, you need to have that done before the temperatures get much colder. Freezing temperatures can cause serious problems with your springs and cables. Once those components wear out, your garage door won't open at all. Not only that but if the springs break while your garage door is open, the entire thing will come crashing down. Have your springs and cables inspected at least once a year. Never attempt to replace your springs by yourself.

Track System

If your garage door stops opening evenly on each side, or you hear loud clanging noises from the door, you need to have your track system inspected. Chances are good that your garage door has fallen off the tracks. There's also the possibility that your tracks have some damage that you haven't identified. A thorough inspection will identify the issue with your tracks.

Safety Sensor

If your garage door refuses to close all the way, or automatically reverses once it gets to a certain point, you have a problem with your safety sensor system. Your safety system is designed with a couple of different components. One component is designed to stop your garage door when something breaks the beam, such as you walk under your garage door as it's opening or closing. The second component is designed to stop your garage door and reverse it should it come in contact with something while it's closing. If your garage door is stopping or reversing when nothing is in the way, have your safety sensors inspected.

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