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Garage Door Design Ideas For Installing New Doors In Your Home

If your home needs to have new garage doors installed, there are options to improve them. You may want to upgrade hardware, choose a different design, and improve features around the garage doors. The following design ideas will improve the appearance of your home when new garage doors are installed.

Upgrading Garage Door Hardware with New Doors

The hardware of your garage doors can be upgraded when the installation is done. You may want to install better tracks, openers, and more. Options to consider to update your door hardware include:

  • Roller doors with durable opener motor
  • Modern garage door safety controls to prevent accidents
  • Premium door tracks that are resistant to damage
  • False hardware features that improve the appearance of doors

The upgraded hardware will protect your newly installed garage doors. This will help prevent problems that require repairs due to failing hardware.

Door Designs That Are Suited for Your Home

There are also options for the design of the doors that you will want to consider. You can choose from traditional and contemporary styles. Design options to consider for your garage door installation include:

  • Traditional designs with panels and molding
  • Contemporary doors with glass in all the panels
  • Roller door designs for space-saving

The design of garage doors is an important aspect and will change the appearance of your home. Roller-style doors are great for a contemporary look and compact solution.

Improving the Opening of Your Garage Doors

Improvements can also be made to garage door openings. When the new doors are installed, you may want to have a new casing installed. This can also include molding features around the opening. If the garage door service cannot do this for you, talk to a remodeling contractor or handyman service. Some garage doors can be installed with molding surrounds for the opening that matches doors. The garage door installer usually installs these design details.

Extras for New Garage Door Installation

There are additional features that you may want to have installed with your new doors. Extras to consider for your garage door installation include:

  • Insulated panels to reduce energy loss from the garage
  • False brackets and design details for more attractive doors
  • Smart home controls that are integrated into the garage door opener
  • Bumper systems to help protect garage door hardware from damage

The extra features can help improve the appearance of the newly installed doors. In addition, adding insulated panels to the doors will also make your home more energy-efficient.

The new garage doors can make a big difference in the appearance of your home. Contact a garage door service to talk to them about these ideas for new garage doors.