Filling In A Crevice In Your Wooden Garage Door Panel

If you had a mishap occur where you had bumped one of the wooden panels in your garage door with another item, causing an indented portion to appear as a result, you will most likely want to make necessary repairs to improve your door's appearance. An indentation can be patched so it is not noticed by those viewing your door. Here are some steps you can follow when making a garage door panel repair on your own. [Read More]

3 Reasons To Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Access to a garage door that can be opened with the touch of a button allows you to conveniently enter and exit your garage without leaving the confines of your car. Automatic garage doors rely on a specialized apparatus known as the garage door opener in order to function properly. The integrity and function of the opener are critical when it comes to determining the safety and efficiency of your garage door. [Read More]